I started using the WordPress with Jalalspages a while ago. But soon after my first post, I thought of changing the title of the blog as I have been using Jalalspages since many years, for a change. Stereophonic was thus born which continue to publish my posts and novice writing skills.

As the name sounds, the blog is to my express clear and crisp views and concerns about everything around me, just like a stereophonic transmission that produces the sound of each and every instrument being played.

Stereophonic will encompass my interests, specially in nature, flowers, photography, philately, sports, travel, technology and food. I will also express my concerns about the pollution and environment, issues pertaining to communities and societies, health, and injustices.

Some of my viewers tracking me from the comments I endorse on others’ blogs would land up at Jalalspages. Since I am not updating Jalalspages for the time being, I would request everyone to meet me at Stereophonic, which reverberates and echoes my sentiments.